HOOT! Dying Yuppies

37685_yuppiePhilly Mag pokes (loving) fun at its reader base.

The Death of the Yuppie. Finally.

The economy is finally seeping into the glossy pages of Philadelphia Magazine. With their main feature on 68 ways to spend less, Philly mag advises their ritzy reader to find alternatives to their expensive living. From cheaper places to shave your dog to happy hours that start a bit earlier, Philly mag touches on every issue with saving money.

They start their main feature with “The Death of the Yuppie.” This piece touches on how the economy is hitting the upper-class of Philadelphia. Although it is a shame to see all this happen to the “Yuppie” folks, I would be lying if I did not admit that I chuckled a couple times. Writer Tom McGrath, does a good job of putting a humorous spin on the article while giving the reader a brief history of the “Yuppie.” All I can think was, if I’m going down, at least they’re coming down with me…

-Litty Samuel


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