HOWLS! Trash, Crash, Tierney’s Cash and a Video is Brash


Philadelphians may have to pay for trash pick up soon.

Tierney funds St. Patrick’s Day parade with PMH money.

Fox29 mislocates bus crash. in need of better videographers.

Trash feean idea city can’t refuse?

This article from the Daily News discusses the city’s plan to begin charging residents $5 a week to pick up their trash. Catherine Lucey writes that the fees could bring in between $85 million and $105 million every year, and would help to maintain sanitation services for the city. She speaks with Rina Cutler, the deputy mayor for transportation and utilities, and Mary Jean Hazell, president of the Somerton Civic Association. She also includes comments from Mayor Nutter about how the fee would be instituted in Philadelphia, compared to cities, like Seattle and Kansas City, that already have a fee in place.

This article provides context for a fee that may be put in place for Philadelphia residents, scheduled to go into effect April 2010, if approved. Lucey includes official sources, like the mayor and deputy mayor, and the last person she includes is a neighborhood association president. The article would have been more balanced, maybe more applicable for readers, if she had included more commentary from residents. This fee could mean an additional $20 or more per month for residents in an already tight economic year. Providing more insight into how working people feel about this, regardless of how much money it will mean for the city, would have helped to make this article more substantive.

-Rachel Ross

Photo by Lord Str8stroke via Flickr.

Publisher pledges aid to St. Patrick’s parade

Where to start? I will start by saying that I do not blame Josh Goldstein for the tastelessness of this article. It ran in Sunday’s paper, (on February 15), on the front page of the Local section in The Inquirer. I will go out on a limb and guess that it was not Goldstein’s idea to write an article about Brian Tierney and his outrageous support of the city’s St. Patrick’s Day parade. This HOWL is aimed at the editor or whoever made the executive decision to run this article, and even more so at Tierney himself.

Please take a moment to contemplate the headline of the article. The “publisher” referenced is none other than Brian Tierney, the CEO of Philadelphia Media Holdings and publisher of The Inquirer, Daily News, and There are many, many problemsethical, moral, and otherwisewith running an article that centers on the paper’s publisher’s “good deeds.”

The question must be asked, “Was this covered completely and fairly?” If Goldstein values his job, he would not be able to cover this story to the full extent. Were there even the slightest hint of something strange going on concerning the St. Patrick’s Day parade or Tierney’s support of it, it would be unlikely that Goldstein could delve deeper. And on the day of the parade, if something goes wrongagain, if PMH is invested in the event, how could a writer cover this fairly in the future?

A big and, I feel, important question that I would like answered is why and how is PMH dumping $20,000 into a parade while they are laying people off? I doubt that this query will be answered in future coverage, but it is a question that deserves a response.

Goldstein brought to light a very serious misdemeanor on the part of our fine city’s newspaper companyalthough the article was framed as praise.

-Victoria M. Indivero

SEPTA bus crash021509busversushome3_

Before I dive into this week’s HOWL allow me to preface my comments by acknowledging that I am an intern at Philadelphia’s Fox29. I have tremendously enjoyed my time at the station thus far. The staff at Fox have been both courteous and willing to assist in my quest for knowledge and experience. I look forward to each and every day I am scheduled to work there.

That being said…

On Saturday, February 14, I went out with a station photog to shoot video of a SEPTA bus crash in the Wynnefield Heights section of Philadelphia. The incident took place on Ford Road.

A few hours later, back at the station, the photog and I are watching the 5 o’clock news. I look up when I see the footage taken from the scene we had been at earlier in the day. It’s at this point when I hear the anchor say, “Conshohocken!”

Somewhere, somehow, somebody wrote the anchor’s V/O, and paying no attention to the actual address listed next to the story in the station’s database typed Conshocken instead of Wynnefield Heights.

Sure… mistakes happen, and it’s not like this is a critical error, but it was definitely something that could have and should have been avoided.

HOWL! (I ain’t madatchya, though!)

-Brian Donathan

Someone needs a lesson in Audio Visual 101. When you have a video interview, you have the visual advantage that a normal article doesn’t have. Creative background music can be used along with great cutaways, and the best part isyou can see everything. Why then, oh Abigail Bruley, would you ever put a messy piece like this up on the site? Number one: there is annoying background noise! Number two: what the heck are the two interviewees saying? Number three: BORING! It lost my attention after I desperately tried to hang on for thirty seconds. Number four: the angles shot were not exactly the best ones. Bruley should have tried getting in for closer shots, or at least seated them differently. Number five: it’s too long. I would recommend keeping video interviews to three minutes at the most.

-Litty Samuel

One response to “HOWLS! Trash, Crash, Tierney’s Cash and a Video is Brash

  1. Why then Oh Litty Samuel would you not call to our attention there were problems with the video?
    You’re Christian videos on vimeo are riveting.

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