HOOT! To be or not to be…charged as an adult

stantonTeen may face shift to adult status in last year’s subway death

This article is from the Daily News, and was written by Julie Shaw. She writes about one of the defendants in the murder case of Center City Starbucks manager, Sean Patrick Conroy. Kinta Stanton, 17, is one of five young men charged with Conroy’s death, but Stanton was the only defendant to be charged as a juvenile. Stanton and three other co-defendants, Arthur Alston, Rasheem Bell and Nashir Fisher, all 17, were all released on house arrest after posting bail; the fifth man, Ameer Best, 18, remains in police custody.

This story focuses on Stanton’s most recent arrest. Philadelphia Police say that Stanton was involved in an accidental shooting at his home near Rockland. Stanton’s friend, Jeffrey Adams, 18, was accidentally shot in the stomach, while the two played with a firearm.

Shaw does a good job of providing ample detail about this complex situation involving Stanton. She includes information about the most recent event, the accidental shooting of Adams, and she also includes details about the murder of Conroy. The original premise of the story is whether Stanton should be charged as a juvenile or adult for the murder of Conroy, and the last paragraph of the article states why Stanton was originally charged as a juvenile; he cooperated with the police and identified the other individuals involved with Conroy’s murder.

Comments included earlier in the story, specifically those from Assistant District Attorney Jacqueline Juliano Coelho, show the conflict over Stanton’s charge. She says “Stanton ‘is not amenable to treatment’ in the juvenile system” following the shooting of Adams at his home.

Aside from laying out the story with ample detail, Shaw includes other details that may not be directly tied to the story of Stanton. For example, she writes about Ameer Best, the only defendant not released on house arrest, and how the court has yet to find a home to place him in.  The only point of contention I have is that she did not include the reason for Stanton’s charge as a juvenile earlier in the story. Because this is important to the newsworthiness of the recent event, readers may not want to wait until the end of the article to know why he is no longer in police custody for the murder.

-Rachel Ross


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