HOWL! Liberty Bell is a bad analogy

PHILS01PSomebody stole the Liberty Bell today

A lot has been written this past week remembering Harry Kalas. The print issue of the Inquirer devoted seven whole pages to Harry the day after his death. And while everyone has memories and anecdotes of Harry to share, some seemed more appropriate than others.

Bob Ford’s column, which ran on the front of the sports section, is unnecessarily repetitive. He opens with three outlandish statements, followed by a fourth paragraph, which continues to take his metaphors and ram them into the ground where they have already crashed and burned.

His meaning is well intentioned, but a bit over the top. In the middle of Ford’s column he captures Harry’s personality well and uses a personal anecdote about a time he saw Harry in the Wawa. And then the penultimate paragraph brings us back to the overused metaphors.

I have a problem with this because Ford is hitting his readers over the head with metaphors and it is superfluous. Readers may need things repeated to them from time to time, but the readers are not stupid. I will say, however, that I appreciate the way Ford ends the column, poignantly: “Philadelphia went quiet yesterday afternoon. Harry Kalas died at the ballpark, and the city lost its voice.”

-Victoria M. Indivero


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