Monthly Archives: January 2010

HOOTS! Four Stories Where The Philly Media Went Deep.

This Daily News article profiles Lorraine Carter, a grieving mother struggling to raise children in her Grays Ferry neighborhood. The woman’s son, Tyree Parks, was killed in a drive-by shooting the week before print. Instead of simply leading the story with the murder itself, the headline and following summary suggests a discussion about how the victim’s family plans to deal with their environment after experiencing such a devastating tragedy.

The writers should be commended for probing into why these senseless murders occur. Continue reading


HOWLS! Opinion & Ignorance.

The January 28th Philadelphia Inquirer sports section has the normal fare – will McNabb stay or will he go, trade rumors surrounding Andre Iguodala, etc. Basically, what one would expect. That is, until John Gonzalez’s column.

Gonzo (above, center), as he is referred while Hunter S. Thompson snarls from the Great Beyond, structured his column as a wish list of people in sports he would like to Tase. The idea for the column apparently came to him after this weekend, when a fan was given the Taser treatment before the AFC Championship for unruly behavior. Continue reading

HOWLS! Groundhogs & Lazy Reporting.

I understand that the main focus of broadcast news outlets, like NBC10, is to produce relevant content for television, condense and simplify that content, and hastily post it online.  By recycling used TV content, reporters and anchors can easily generate website hits by directing viewers online to read further.  However, I would venture to say that the majority of the stories that end up online haven’t been fact-checked, nor even spell-checked.  They consistently contain multiple factual blunders, spelling errors, and sometimes… just plain don’t make sense. Continue reading