A Howl! for Awkward Juxtaposition in a Political Story.

I was so close to giving this DN article a hoot.

It opens with the release of a new poll discussing the potential affect of the Tea Party movement on this fall’s gubernatorial election.

We get unbiased reaction and comments from candidates on both sides of the political spectrum. It’s informative, balanced and taps one of the smartest political guys around in Dr. Terry Madonna of Franklin & Marshall College. Literally everything written in the article is true. It’s probably being printed in a journalism textbook right now. Well, maybe all but the last line.

We all know the importance of the “kicker” and how it often leaves the lasting impression of the piece. I think Brennan could have ended the article better by leaving it out.

He ends the article with a quote from Democratic candidate for Governor, Joe Hoeffel (above, left). Hoeffel describes the Tea Party’s effect on the GOP: “As they get more prominent, they drag the Republican Party to the right, to the lunatic fringe.”

That line is the only remnant of dirty campaign talk in this otherwise helpful piece. You may ask, “Well what did the Republican guy say?”

State Rep. Sam Rohrer (above, right) said of the Tea Party, “The numbers are moving. It does include independents. And it definitely, absolutely includes some Democrats.” It would be tough for anyone to argue any of Rohrer’s statements.

Don’t think for a moment that I’m questioning Brennan’s objectivity. I’m not. I just think the pacing of the final quote and where it is placed draw attention to Hoeffel’s “lunatic fringe” comment. It takes away from the otherwise great stuff in the rest of the article. 

– Brendan McNamara

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