Hoot! Investigating a Corrupt Abortion Doctor (Without Revealing a Political Agenda).

When I started reading David Gambacorta’s article yesterday about the West Philly abortion doctor who had his license removed by the state, I was prepared to be disgusted, thinking that this would be a completely one-sided article that underscored the “evilness” of abortion.

I was actually pleasantly surprised.  Gambacorta took an extremely controversial and sensitive topic and covered it thoroughly, presenting all sides of the story, documenting his sources and talking to as many people as he could.

Rather than just rely on the unfortunate women who visited this doctor to tell the story, or their lawyers, or even the doctors’ employees, Gambacorta goes even further, looking at court documents from 1996 on to show that this doctor had a history of malpractice and negligence.  He cited city records that showed the doctor had been sued numerous times and had lost many of the cases he was tried for.  He also cited Department of State documents that cited the deplorable conditions of the clinic.

One thing I am glad that Gambacorta didn’t include was a comment from either a pro-life organization, such as Birthright, or a pro-choice organization, such as Planned Parenthood.  Other reporters could have used this heinous doctor as a way to push their own politics – something that shouldn’t happen in news reporting, but often does – but Gambacorta chose to focus specifically on this story within a specific context.  I thought he presented the facts clearly and painted a detailed – if not disturbing – picture of what can happen if any doctor acts unethically.

– Renee Cree

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