A Hoot for Exposing Teamsters’ Howl-able Behavior.

In the article “Teamsters yell ‘cut’ on plum movie-set jobs” Inquirer staff George Anastasia, exposes a pungent example of social Machiavellianism.  He looks into a recent investigation accusing the International Brotherhood of Teamsters’ appointed locals of unfair employment practices. The filed report claims that the hiring criteria is based upon ‘favoritism and nepotism‘ over “better qualifications and experience” when it come to highly remunerated film shoot jobs.

Both the movie industry and the Teamsters Union are institutions saturated with media coverage, being that these are two important economic machines.  However we often hear about the final products of the film industry and its glamorous constituents but not of the lower backstage aspect of this billion dollar industry.  Likewise there is great coverage on the constitutional and lobbyist weight of unions such as Teamsters but less about the mechanics behind these publicly aided organizations.  Nonetheless, corruption and laziness have become sad staples of union workers‘ reputations heavily tarnishing the very principles behind the spirit of such entities.  Since Hoffa, it seems that labor parties are consistently involved in dirty endeavors.  To the point that the Independent Review Board is a necessity, “a three-member panel established by a federal court consent decree in 1992 to root out corruption and organized-crime influence within the Teamsters Union.”

So as Hollywood ferments itself as America’s nobility, Anastasia introduces us to another facet behind the glamour, the glitz behind the glitz.  A world of lobster tail and $3,500 dollar work weeks that can hardly be considered such (work, that is).  He chooses his quotes well, and the sheer irony of his topic helps.  Besides in a state with an 8.8% unemployment rate he makes for very compelling reading.

– Natalia Chiarelli


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