Michael Klein: Dishin’ with Big Daddy is Deliciously Entertaining (and Hoot-worthy).

The Philadelphia Inquirer recently profiled Andrew McCargo, Jr., break-out cooking star and host of the Food Network’s “Big Daddy’s House.” Inquirer staff writer Michael Klein paints a colorful, larger-than-life picture of McCargo that is so fun to read it makes you want to watch his show and eat his food.

Klein describes McCargo’s ascent to stardom, starting with his Camden roots, cooking career and experience on Food Network’s Next Food Network Star talent show.  McCargo, who is fondly referred to as “Big Daddy,” won his own show by successfully completing a number of food challenges that proved his star potential.  Klein portrays McCargo as a natural, noting that he started his show with no experience or on-camera training.   Klein juxtaposes McCargo’s life before becoming Big Daddy with his current life traveling across the country promoting his show, cookbook and spices.  But Klein doesn’t just focus on Big Daddy; instead, he also writes about McCargo’s family in a way that is real, even mentioning McCaro’s 16 year-old son who is in a juvenile detention center.

Overall, this story was interesting and a good read.  Klein uses good quotes, picturesque language and just a touch of grit to describe a man who is loud, yet down to earth when it comes to food.   I’ve only seen Big Daddy’s House once, but after reading Klein’s article I will tune into to the Food Network on Sunday nights to see Big Daddy stirring things up in Camden.  And so I say hootie hoo!

– Cherri Gregg

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