A Hoot! for Combining News and Intimacy.

Although I cannot fully justify the newsworthiness of Daily News columnist Stu Bykofsky’s ‘Health care and a surprise for Dad’ post, I have to say I am drawn to the intimate nature of his story.

Through his father’s voice Stu Bykofsky manifests his views on health reform and reminds us why it is ultimately in sync with this country’s sensibilities.

“We are a country of one-for-all and all-for-one,” says Bykofsky’s dad.

Hearing about Bykofsky’s 94-year-old father shed light on the opinions and day to day preoccupations of  a senior citizen to whom, most likely, the issue of health care is highly pertinent.  It also tenderized such a rough around the edges journalistic personality like Bykofsky.

I for one appreciate having to a certain extent access to a reporter’s personal opinion (probably why I enjoy reading Bykofsky) this story goes beyond his opinion and into his personal life.   It’s not a dear diary entry however, his personal life, mainly his dad’s birthday is intertwined with the biggest news topic right now which is health care.

Indirectly Bykofsky also brushes upon the American Association of Retired Persons’ unpopular pro-health care reform lobbying and how this has cost them members from both political sides, further illustrating just how passionate people feel about this bill.

He goes on to paint out his teenage fall-outs with his parent, so typical when growing up.  He reminds us to try to leave bitterness toward our fathers behind. Doing so can facilitate our lives.

Sound advice that can never hurt.

– Natalia Chiarelli

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