Howl! Bill Cosby Won an Award But You Won’t Know Why by Reading The Story.

Philadelphia Daily News reporter Dan Gross recently wrote an article discussing Bill Cosby, receipt of the Marian Anderson Award.  Unfortunately, when you read the article, you are immediately alerted that something or somebody is a little off; the only problem is that you can’t tell if it’s Gross or Cosby.

The Daily News article portrays Cosby as a kooky, old guy who loves his hometown, Philadelphia.  The main photo is a picture of Cosby wearing tuxedo pants and suspenders with a gray T-shirt bearing the name “Central,” Cosby’s high school alma mater.  The article then leads with the statement “Not everybody knows what it’s like to be roasted by Bill Cosby, but Pamela Browner-White does” and goes on to talk about how Cosby did a five-minute bit (during his 10-minute thank you speech) about Browner-White’s designer gown. Gross quotes some of the more serious portions of Cosby’s speech then lists notable guests and highlights of the night, such as Gov. Rendell presenting Cosby with a peanut-butter pie and Boyz II Men singing “I’ll Make Love to You.”

While this seems like a decent article on the surface, Gross doesn’t even bother to discuss Cosby’s humanitarian efforts, why he was selected to receive the Marian Anderson award or why the award matters. However, Gross is more interested in naming the “who’s who” of Philadelphia in the audience.  Given the heavy hitters in the room, you would think the article would at least tell you why all of these folks love Cosby so much and why they thought the ceremony was important enough to attend.  Instead, the article rambles on about how Comcast executives feel about NBC’s “30 Rock” jokes about Kabletown.  What’s worse, at the bottom of the article, there are plugs for the upcoming casting of the next season of “Big Brother,” as well as other events.  Gross’ article is confusing, unfocused and uninformative.  When I finished reading it I had more questions than when I started.  And so I howl…..

– Cherri Gregg

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