A Howl! for Listening to the Loudest Voice.

Jason Nark’s Daily News piece bothers me because it assumes that one person can transform a non-issue into something “newsworthy” by being a loudmouth.

Janine Giandomenico, a Burlington County mom, found out about a fashion show project at her son’s elementary school and lost it. The fashion show was to be centered around historical women’s clothing and asked everyone – including the boys in the class – to dress up. She complained until it was canceled.

Who the woman complained to totally kills her credibility.

In addition to spewing to the school, Nark writes that Giandomenico “also tried to contact conservative radio hosts Glenn Beck and Michael Smerconish while broadcasting the issue to her nearly 900 Facebook friends.”

Obviously the Daily News got a call too.

Why jump at this? I’ve never known of a parent that wasn’t afraid to simply remove their kid from a school event if they didn’t agree. Especially in a public school where the parents have so many legal legs to stand on if challenged by officials. Sign an absentee note, take the kid on an “educational trip” or whatever they used to call them. I went to Disney World for a week in 6th grade and didn’t make up any work because I wrote about all the exhibits at Epcot. It’s not that hard.

Giandomenico simply stumbled upon a soap box, stood on it and the Daily News called it news. Don’t be surprised if she ends up on stage with Sarah Palin during her next trip to Southeastern PA.

On a day when Will Bunch accuses the New York Times of pandering to the Tea Party on his blog, maybe he should have checked out his own paper first.

– Brendan McNamara

Editor’s note: Apologies go to Tyler Perry for getting him involved in this.

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