Leaves Trenton for the Wires: Howl! recently published a series of articles identifying potential weaknesses in the police’s handling of the Trenton case of an alleged gang rape of a 7-year-old girl.

The Associated Press articles published by detail claims that some of the alleged suspects may have helped the 7-year-old victim.  The articles also discuss possible police coercion of under-age suspects.

Police officials claim that a 7-year-old girl was gang-raped by five men while at a party in Trenton, NJ.  Officials accuse the 7-year-old’s 15-year-old stepsister of selling the girl for sex. Trenton Mayor Doug Palmer expressed outrage at the alleged vicious acts and community residents demanded immediate police action.  Celebrities such as Russell Simmons rallied in Trenton, marching in local neighborhoods hoping to spark discussions about violence in urban communities.

I commend for broadening the discussion of this alleged horrific and barbaric crime. Many times, when there are shocking allegations, police and the media tend to cave into community pressure and make rush judgments about accused suspects.  Of all the local media, the’s coverage of the alleged rape has been the most extensive- they have published numerous articles explaining the facts as they develop.  The articles are neutral and do not incite anger like many of the local broadcast news stories.

Unfortunately, my review of’s coverage of this story is not all praise. Nearly all of’s stories on Trenton child rape case come from the AP.

Although Trenton is in New Jersey, it is a part of the Philadelphia metropolitan area. The story is of both local and national interest– should send staff writers to cover the story to give it a more local feel. uses staff writers for other New Jersey based stories, such as the rape charges filed against NJ State Troopers.  Given the attention and the various issues raised by this story (issues regarding prostitution, violence again women and children, urban violence, teen violence), local coverage is must.  And so I hoot and howl….

– Cherri Gregg

2 responses to “ Leaves Trenton for the Wires: Howl!

  1. And a howl back atcha for a misleading headline and a lack of historical perspective. The headine led me to think that the paper was closing its Trenton Statehouse Bureau, which would have been howl worthy. But as far as I can remember — 22 yrars at The Inky and 2 years before that at The (Trenton) Times — The Inquirer has never assigned a reporter to cover life in the City of Trenton. By the way, it doesn’t cover Harrisburg in that manner either. If the suggestion that ceding community coverage of Trenton represents backsliding by The Inquirer, the suggestion is all wrong.

  2. We were simply recognizing the fact that there was a giant story in’s coverage area. Rather than report it themselves and own the story, they left their coverage to the Associated Press.

    We never insinuated that (or the Inquirer) was closing the Trenton Bureau.

    As for historical perspective, there was a time when the Inquirer would jump into a giant story like this (in their coverage area or not) and own it.

    By the way, when the Trenton police finally made arrests in this case, the Inquirer assigned a reporter to do a story.

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