Hoot! Bloomberg Staff Teaches Me How to Write for Business. Howl: Bloomberg Teaches Me How to Ignore the Skinning of the Earth.

Depending on what streams on your Twitter, you may have heard about the Keystone XL oil pipeline.

In a January 19th web article posted in The San Francisco Chronicle but written by Bloomberg, a pro- Keystone appeal is made.  The Obama administration has denied the construction of the pipeline and to assuage the readers, the article’s lead and title asserts that Keystone will forge ahead.  Even investor appetite is whetted when management gurus say that Keystone is the “biggest infrastructure project on the continent.” (Really, this quote is gravy!)

The article does a great job of illustrating both sides of the issue. TransCanada, the pipeline builder, estimates that 20,000 jobs will be created while the State Department projects 5,000 to 6,000 – based on TransCanada’s previously submitted documentation.

I’m surprised TransCanada and Bloomberg used such low job figures.  An independent study conducted by The Perryman Group and linked to TransCanada’s website, asserts that over 250,000 permanent jobs would be created. If article theme is to show the pipeline’s promise for economic and energy growth, then higher job creation figures would be more effective.

Even key terminology is well chosen to create a fearful angle: energy security, Iran, Asia and superpower.

Also, environmental issues were addressed.  In a pro-business article of 1,192 words, it’s fitting that about 41 words with one quote from a green group was included.  It’s a shame that no graphics were added—a man in a hard steel hat would have been a powerful image in our weak job market.  Since no pictures were included, you can click here to learn more.

– Text by Milady Nazir. Image via Keystone XL Assessment.

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