HOWL: Burned Up By Bad Yoga Story.

Avoid getting scorched by ‘hot yoga,’” is a story prepared by HealthDay News but it appeared on It’s about the possible “dangers” of hot yoga, which is practiced in a heated room.  The story reads like a press release from the Hospital of Special Surgery in New York City, where much of the information derives.

There are many unanswered questions in this article.  What type of hot yoga is the article talking about?  Is it Bikram Yoga, in which the 26 poses are copyrighted and must be taught by a certified instructor who has undergone the intensely vigorous, nine-week Bikram yoga training?  Or is it another variation of hot yoga, such as power yoga, which is not subject to the strict rules of Bikram Yoga? Also, not all hot yoga is practiced in a room heated 90-105 degrees.

Because of its generality, I feel the publishing of this article is irresponsible.

There isn’t any research or balance.  Yes, of course you can get injured while performing hot yoga but this is true for all types of yoga, or any exercise regimen.  There are quotes from a yoga instructor who is a doctor but it wasn’t made clear if she is a hot yoga or Bikram yoga instructor, which left me suspicious.

I will say that the checklist at the end of the article is helpful but I’m sure some readers who were thinking about trying hot yoga were scared away by that point – especially with the use of “scorched” in the headline.

That is an extreme word to describe hot yoga.

– Text by Zenovia Campbell. Image via The Hairpin.

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