Hoot! The New York Times Scoops the Philly Papers on Their Own Story.

This New York Times article is about the potential shift of the ownership of The Philadelphia Inquirer, The Daily News and Philly.com.

The authors started the story with the alleged meeting chief executive and publisher Gregory J. Osberg had with the three senior editors of the news organizations. Although Osberg denied it, the industry fears that the shift might interfere with the news independence of the Philadelphia papers.

Former Philadelphia mayor and Pennsylvania governor Ed Rendell is leading a group of the area’s most powerful Democrats who might likely to have new control over the newspapers. The authors said many potential bidders have been purposefully discarded when the Inquirer decided not to run their stories. And the Philadelphia Media Network, the parent company of The Inquirer, has rejected their offers.

I like this article better than the one I read last night on Philly.com that simply treated it as breaking news, with no insights. It might be that this piece didn’t run on a local Philadelphia site, so it has more latitude when providing insights and opinions of some of the people working for the news group.

I like the way two authors treated this piece. They gave a fair look of the whole event, meaning two sides of the stories are being heard. There are quotes from the people who think the ownership shift is good and there is the voice of concerned newspaper staffers who think the move will ruin the paper. Overall, this is a carefully written piece with helpful insights.

Text by Ning Shao. Image from the New York Times.

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