Howl! Give Us The Secrets of Making Money!

The article “How Three Temple Grads Aim to Make Philly the Next Big Tech Hub” is a profile of Technically Media, a local media company that publishes a Philadelphia centered technology news website.

Written by John Paul Titlow, the article covers some of the basic ground that one would expect from a profile article. For instance, it talks about the development of the company, from its genesis as a mere idea among three graduates of the journalism program at Temple, to its development as a company with current plans to bring its brand of technology news coverage to other cities. Overall, the article aligns Technically Media as a new model for journalism or media organizations—small, technically savvy, and focused on and engaged with the local scene.

Unfortunately, the article presents an incomplete picture of what this new model
would look like. When it makes its central claim that these days “a media organization would have to go beyond simple reporting and ad sales,” the article states that such an organization instead needs “to rely heavily on other forms of community connectivity.”

Point taken, but what exactly “community connectivity” really means is not fully fleshed out, not to mention the fact that the phrase drips of jargon. Worse, the article skirts the issue of how exactly Technically Media uses this “connectivity” as a new source of—to put it bluntly—revenue. Instead, the article focuses on how Technically Media in many ways fills a real need when it comes to technology-related issues in Philadelphia.

– Text by Charlie Chan. Image via Philadelphia Weekly.


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  1. It’s a little outdated, but we ran a post on our company blog that should help answer some of your questions:

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