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Howls! Editorializing & Laziness in the Newspapers.

Last Wednesday, Daily News writer Gloria Campisi continued coverage of the Art Institute dorm shut down. A carbon monoxide alarm went off early Monday morning, prompting the students’ evacuation to local hotels. The building racked up 12 pages of violations from the city’s Licenses and Inspections department including a broken fire-alarm and higher than acceptable carbon monoxide levels.

While three students were treated for CO poisoning symptoms and up to 250 had their lives in danger, not one had anything interesting to add to the article. I don’t believe that. Continue reading


HOOT! A word about vaccines

Vaccine Brigade a Prime Booster is a great story from Don Sapatkin of the Inquirer. This article is full of information.

It is a great story about a wonderful citywide initiative to vaccinate uninsured or under-insured children in Philadelphia. The best part is the amount of reporting.  The data Sapatkin dug up for this piece brings it to the level of reporting we’ve been discussing in class.

-Brian Donathan

HOOTS! Jobs, city budget and Twitter

wegmans-color• Wegmans brings jobs to the area.

• City Council’s budget increases.

• Social media as a marketing tool. Continue reading

HOOTS! Coatesville coverage solid

cville-1Religious groups coalesce in time of need.

Coatesville’s past and present.

Who will pay for the fires? Continue reading

HOWLS! Quiet vehicles, mayoral funding, hospitalized families and Fumo letters

020909_fumo1_6002SEPTA offers a hushed car to warm reception, say officials.

The mayor of Collingswood approves funding for buildings in the town during economic distress.

Separate car accidents land a mother and daughter in the same hospital.

Does a personal e-mail from Vince Fumo belong in The Inquirer? Continue reading

HOOT! The Barbershop Feels Empty

SKEITH08PPhiladelphia Inquirer high school sports reporter Keith Pompey documented the hangout of recently deceased former Frankford High basketball coach, Vince Miller.

Pompey created an image of the man who won 351 games over 27 seasons, impacting the lives of hundreds of young Philadelphians along the way.

The story goes beyond a traditional obituary, painting a portrait of a man everyone at the barbershop knew and enjoyed. The piece appreciates the life of a man who probably wouldn’t have made it into the Inquirer unless Pompey would have written about him.

Most importantly, this piece recognizes the value of community, and the influence of the people who inhabit them.

HOOT! Service Scarce at Philly School Libraries

“Cuts at libraries mean Philadelphia students could have nothing” RRXLIBRARY18C

The Philadelphia Inquirer Monday, January 26, 2009

Kristen A. Graham writes about the decline of the Philadelphia school libraries under the subhead “With city cuts, students will have few resources.” The possibility of the city closing 11 branches is only an excuse to write about the terrible state our city’s school libraries are in-and have been in for over a decade and a half.

The story is well-researched, and well-deserved, as the article describes the importance of libraries to many inner city kids. Graham uses many startling statistics in the article and interviews a wide range of people. From students who use their school libraries to librarians to Mayor Nutter’s education secretary, Graham incorporates many different voices in the article. Continue reading