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HOOTS and HOWLS for’s video efforts

phicomlogo_headerFor this week’s Hoots and Howls I went on a search for online video news content. I decided to focus my attention on (The Inquirer and Daily News). produces a fairly decent amount of video content, but I focused on those specifically labeled as “news” in order to find what they’re covering and how they are packaging it. Continue reading


HOOT! for Philly IMC HOWL! for LiLo

• Philadelphia IMC exposes the truth.

• Lindsay’s tired of press coverage, but who cares? Continue reading

HOOTS! Layoffs, basketball, drugs and corruption

art1• The PMA downsizes.

• A young boy with weak bones excels at basketball.

• A place for recovering drug addicts to go.

• Corrupt judges get their due. Continue reading

HOWLS! Newspaper Bailouts and Heroin for Children

bayer_heroin_bottleThe Inquirer tries to cover its bum, unsuccessfully says Brian.

A child brings heroin to school thinking it’s candy and shares the drugs with friends. Continue reading

HOOT! Phawker’s Climate Change and Phrequency’s Music Reviews

Phawker: Expressing Climate Complexitytheevilsnowman_1

In a recent post on, the site’s loose format allowed for a compilation of blogs and articles that shed light on the issue of climate change, revealing one tangle in the impossibly complicated web of disaster creeping through the atmosphere.

Unusually cold temperatures in various locales this winter have led many to question the dire climate predictions that have been gaining traction in recent years.  These intuitive arguments have been especially forceful from right-wing pundits, readily offering weekly forecasts as counterweights to computer models and general scientific consensus.

In a post titled “Climate: The Winter of Our Discontent,” Phawker offers three sections highlighting the frigid weather from around North America: one post from a blogger showing a caribou frozen in Alaska at -80 degress Fahrenheit, an article from CNN about carbon monoxide poisoning from faulty heaters in Mexico, and a dispatch from the Chicago Tribune regarding freezing deaths in Wisconsin.  These articles are followed by a blurb from the Philadelphia Inquirer noting cold local temperatures as well as a graphic with today’s Philadelphia forecast. Continue reading