Monthly Archives: May 2009

Minorities in the Media: Stereotypes and Negativity.

JCRomeroThe only time Hispanics and Asians make the news in Philadelphia is when bad things happen reports Veronica Serrano, who recently completed her master’s degree at Temple University.

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The Inquirer Takes on the EPA: How Did They Get That Story?

InqEPAIn December 2008, the Philadelphia Inquirer ran a four-day series documenting the ills of the Environmental Protection Agency. Lance Duroni spoke to the Inquirer team about why and how they gathered and packaged the series. Continue reading

Broadcast News vs. Newspapers: Who Better Informs the Public?


Can you compare the information provided by newspapers to the information covered by broadcast newscasts? Brian Donathan investigated by comparing one day’s worth of news, and then by looking at how two different media outlets covered the Vincent Fumo scandal. Continue reading